1. Exercise Tools for Children with Juvenile Arthritis Santosh Sridhar Mysore, Ravikrishna Ganapathi Bhat, Geetha Priya Murugesan, Narendra Reddy, Maravanji, Gangadhariah, Anantha Prasad, Deepak Vijayakumar Ingale, Krishna Kishore Jonnalagadda 201741016090, 08.05.2017 Filed
2. Natural Fiber or Fibrous Material based Completely Biodegradable Food Containers Narendra Reddy, Krishna Venkatesh, S. Balaji, M.S. Santosh, Kishore Jonnalagadda PCT/IB2016/000218, 23.03.2015 Filed
3. Design and Fabrication of Unripe Banana Peeling Machine Anantha Prasad M. G. 4863/CHE/2015 Filed
4. β-Ni(OH)2/ Multiwalled carbon nanotubes as high energy supercapacitors Kathyayini N, Nagaraju N, Chaitra K 5997/CHE/2014 Filed
5. Circuitry for optimizing fuel consumption in an internal combustion engine Gopalakrishna K, Krishna Venkatesh 3798/CHE/2014, 02.08.2014 Filed
6. Development of acid functionalized MWCNTs for esterification of benzyl alcohols with carboxylic acids Kathyayini N, Nagaraju N, Minchitha K U HQ IPR/FA/12058-L/2012, 04. 01. 2013 Filed
7. Development of additive based lubricants for sliding surfaces C. B. Mohan, Krishna Venkatesh, K.Gopalakrishna HQ IPR/FA/12059-L/2012, 04. 01. 2013 Filed
8. Design and development of a low cost thermal paste Kathyayini H, K. Gopalakrishna HQ IPR/FA/12057-l/2012, 14. 01. 2013 Filed
9. System and method for simultaneous data transfer among removable external storage devices using mobile computing devices Krishna Venkatesh, Shravan A Kulkarni, Krishna Kishore J, Anand V Kulkarni 3729/CHE/2012, 11.09.2012 Filed
10. Composite paste to buildup surfaces and the process of making paste K. Gopalakrishna, C. B. Mohan 4903/CHE/2012, 26.11.2012 Filed