External Funding

Sanctioned Projects

Sl. No. Name of the Projects/ Endowments, Chairs Name of the Funding Agency Name of the Principal Investigator/Co-Investivator
1 Developing high value biopolymeric materials for food, fiber, biofuel, composites, medical and automotive industries using indigenous renewable resources DBT Dr. Narendra Reddy
2 Development of High Strentgh 3D – Chitosan based products for Bio medical Implants DIC – KCTU Dr. M S Santosh
3 Compatibility of fueling infrastructure materials with dimethyl ether and diesel blends DST Dr. Meenakshi H N
4 Structural and chemical properties of interfaces of Si/glass based metal/metal oxide thin films for solar cell applications DST Dr. Umananda Bhatta
5 A Rapid First-Aid Solution using a Novel Haemostatic Material BIRAC SRISTI PMU Dr. M S Santhosh
6 Design and Development of an Electrochemical Immunosensor for the detection of Amloid Beta in Biological Fluids of Alzheimer’s Patients collected on Dried Matrix Spots CEFIPRA
Dr. M S Santosh
7 Development of Low Cost Iron Based Flow Batteries for Grid Level Energy Storage DST Dr. Muralidhara H B
8 Development of an Electrochemical Biosensor System for the Rapid Detection of Biowarfare Agents DRDO Dr. M S Santosh
9 Development of Fabrication of RP Products for the Helathcare, Consumer and Sporting Segments DIC – KCTU Dr. Anantha Prasad M G
Dr. Gopalakrishna K
10 A study on the Effect of P2X7 Receptor on Pannexin 1 Hemichannel Function DBT Dr. Poornima V
11 Exploring the Dynamics of Pancreatic Peptide-Membrane Interactions through Nano-scale Imaging: Implications on Type II Diabetes Mellitus SERB – DST Dr. M S Santhosh
12 IRNSS navigation receiver field trial and data collection SAC – ISRO Dr. Geetha Priya M
13 Design & Development of a Novel 3D Printed Splints & Arm Supports for Arthritis & Arm Injured Patients DSIR Dr. Anantha Prasad M G
14 Developing Biodegradable and Compostable Sapling Bags and Trays using Agricultural Waste DSIR Dr. Narendra Reddy
15 Monitoring of Surface Melt on selected glaciers of Spitsbergen, Svalbard Using UAV Surveys – under Indian Arctic Program NCOAR-MOES Dr. Geetha Priya M
Mr. Lohith S
16 In-situ TEM study of nucleation and growth of embedded Ge nanostructures in SiO, and Si3N4 UGC DAE CRS Dr. Umananda Bhatta
17 Evaluation of Airborne L and S-band SAR for Disaster Damage Identification DOS – ISRO Dr. Geetha Priya M
18 Establishment of a Genome Computing Cluster VGST Dr. S Balaji
19 Waste to Wealth Approach. Development of completely bio degaradbale printed circuit boards using proteins and natural fibre based composites VGST Dr. Geetha Priya M
20 Estimation of Food Quality Based on Microbial Load and Microscopic Structure Keeping in Mind Consumer’s Health and Food Safety DBT Dr. Soumitra Bannerjee
21 Snow Cover, Snow Depth and Snow Line Studies in Himalayan Basins NCOAR-MOES Dr. Geetha Priya M
22 Development of an Efficient Microbial Consortium for the Enhancement of Plant Growth and Essential Oil Yield in Eryngium foetidum L. under Abiotic stresses – A New Approach towards Organic Farming DST Dr. Swetha S
23 Integrated Studies of  Himalayan Cryosphere Using Space  Based Inputs DOS – ISRO Dr. Geetha Priya
24 Development of Ni/Co/Mn/MWCNTs Based Nanocomposites as Positive Electrode and Low Cost “Green” Carbon Obtained from bio-wastes as negative electrode materials for hybrid supercapacitors DST Dr. Kathyayini N
25 Investigating the nature of interaction of P2X7 receptor with Pannexin 1 hemichannel and its physiological significance DST Dr. Poornima V
26 Development of affordable snack foods by utilizing under-utilized horse gram (Macrotylona uniflorum) Protein and fortified micronoutrients for manlourished children and adults VGST Dr. Soumitra Bannerjee
27 Improvement of thermostability and functionality of cancer therapy related enzyme isolated form Variovoraxus paradoxs by using nano approaches VGST Dr. Ravi Kumar K
28 Productization of SCT DIC – KCTU Dr. Krishna Venkatesh
Dr. G S Nagananda
Sandeep Suryan
Dr. Swetha
Dr. Padmashree Anand
29 Retrieval of Ice Velocity using Interferometry Techniques to Understand the Ice Dynamics and Glacier Stored Water of Karakoram Glaciers DST
(Climate Change Programme)
Dr. Geetha Priya /
(Dr.) Krishnaveni S
30 Study and Fabrication of an Aptamer based FET Biosensor DST Dr. Kashma Rai
31 Development of Novel Hybrid Composties for Bone Plastics Based on Biocompatible Calcium Phosphates and Biopolymers DST
Dr. M S Santosh
32 Design and development of biodegradable films from food waste for food packaging VGST Dr. Swarrna Haldar
33 Development of Vortex bladeless wind turbine VGST Dr. Chandre Gowda
34 Whole-cell Modeling and Accelerated Simulation on Heterogeneous Parallel Platform VGST Mrs. Nayana Bhat
35 Development of Novel Multi-functional Nano-structured Materials for the Photo-catalytic Degradation of Emerging Pollutants DST
(Indo – ASEAN)
Dr. M S Santosh
36 Development of a Needle-Free Diabetes Monitoring Device based on Reverse Iontophoresis Technique DST Ms. Ashwini Ravi
37 Thermal Management of Space Electronics using Multi-turn Pulsating Heat Pipes(PHP) DOS – ISRO Dr. M Narendra Kumar
38 Hydrogen Powered desalination system using recycled aluminium: A novel process to extract portable fresh water from sea water DST
(Jointly with CSIR AMPRI)
Dr. M S Santhosh
39 Organic-Inorganic Hybrid Nano-coatings for Disposable Masks: A Formidable Arsenal against Pathogenic COVID-19 DST Nanomission                                Covid – 19 Dr. Vishwanath
40 Development of cost-Effective New Catalyst Technologies for High Performance Polymer Electrolyte Membrane Fuel Cells DST
Dr. M S Santhosh
41 Digitalization of best-before date of the packaged meats using a Smart Label DST-GITA
Indo – Sweden
Dr. S Balaji
42 Green Valorization of Sheep Wool Wastes Towards Biocomposites and Bioactive Building Materials CEFIPRA
(Indo – French)
Dr. Narendra Reddy
43 Development of Advanced Composite Pressure Vessels for Hydrogen Storage DST Dr. M S Santosh
44 Enhancement of nutritional properties of finger millet (Eleusine coracana) by germination and fortification for development of affordable millet floor VGST Chandan Kumar Sahu
45 An Innovative approach to Mitigate bacteral contamination of Musa sp explants in tissue culture using Host-specific phages VGST Dr. Nagananda & Sandeep Suryan
46 Testing and measurement of Homoeopathic Medicines Potency using their Colligative Properties AYUSH Dr. S Balaji
47 Development of high temperature Fiber-Braff Grating (FBG) strain sensors for static strain measurement upto 800 c using optimization of certain critical parameter before, during and post fabrication of FBGs ISRO Dr. Chethana
48 An electrochemical approach to recover silk sericin from degumming waste water DST Dr. Narendra Reddy
Dr. Uma Ullas Pradhan
49 Estimation of time series of AAR of Himalayan sub-basins. ISRO Dr. Geetha Priya M
50 Silk protein based biopolymer as substrate for spheroid or 3D cell growth. BIRAC Dr. Roopa Reddy