Internal Funding

SL# Title PI Co- PI
1. Development of 300 mm autonomous multi-copter Krishna Venkatesh Krishna Kishore,          Lohit S, PV Bhat
2. Design and development of heat sink with fluid pockets for LED Lighting load Gopalakrishna K Sangamesh
3. Influence of oil groove geometry on frictional properties of slide ways C B Mohan
4. Synthesis and characterization of metal oxide/hydroxide nanocomposites for supercapacitor applications. N Kathyayini
5. Development of heterogeneous catalysts for the synthesis of organic fine chemicals via organic transformations. N Kathyayini
6. Design and Development of a Novel 3D Printed Splints and Arm Supports for Arm Injured Patients M G AnanthaPrasad
7. Enhancement of the mechanical properties of ferrous materials using ancient metallurgical techniques Padmashree Anand
8. Scientific Validation and Revival of Ancient Indian Technology: Re Re-visiting Eco-friendly Engineering Practices Padmashree Anand
9. Unearth and Develop of Novel Encryption Techniques as well as Unfurl Multilingual Scientific Knowledge Entrenched in the Ancient Indian Numeric Padmashree Anand
10. Performance evaluation of IRNSS user receiver Geetha Priya M
11. Interference study for IRNSS user receiver Geetha Priya M
12. Development of marine navigation application for fishermen using IRNSS user receiver Geetha Priya M
13. IRNSS user receiver centralized data management system for SAC-ISRO Geetha Priya M
14. Development of Affordable IoT Based Soil Health Monitoring System for the Increased Crop Production Deepak V Ingale
15. Low cost foetal heart rate and uterine contraction monitoring device Santosh M S Geetha Priya M,                Deepak V Ingale
16. Driver assist system for traffic sign board detection Deepak V Ingale
17. Design and development of affordable Lab in a Pocket for Engineering students Deepak V Ingale
18. Computational Methods and Mathematical Modeling Hamsapriye
19. Innovative methods and materials for wastewater purification. H B Muralidhara
20. Highly decorative and protective coatings for steel. H B Muralidhara
21. Design and development of spacecraft components using rapid prototyping and metal plating technique. H B Muralidhara
22. Development of Controlled Low-Strength Materials (CLSM) for Pavement Subgrades Using Carbon Footprint Mitigation B N Skanda Kumar
23. Development of Carrier Based Inoculum/ Formulations for the Growth and Yield of Horticultural Crops Under Greenhouse Conditions Swetha S
24. Catalytic activity studies on metal/oxides modified multiwalled carbon nanotubes and mesoporous carbon in the synthesis of Biginelli products and Oxazole derivatives. Minchitha K U
25. Sensitive white space detection by spectrum sensing for cognitive radio application. K Chandrashekar
26. Developing biodegradable, inexpensive packing materials using agricultural residues Narendra Reddy
27. Design and Analysis of Shaft Drive for Two Wheelers G C Vijayakumar
28. Electrospun Nano and Microfibers for medical, energy and environmental applications Narendra Reddy
29. High performance biomimetic materials for construction, military and space applications Narendra Reddy
30. Developing green chemicals and processes for the textile industry Narendra Reddy
31. Development of computational pipeline to identify multiple biomarkers for the diagnosis of cancer and other genetic disorders Roopa Reddy
32. Pharmacological Characterization of Pannexin-1 Hemichannel Poornima V
33. Mutation screening of FVIII gene among Indian Population: Potential indicators of susceptibility for generation of FVIII inhibitors Roopa Reddy
34. Development of Computational Model for Identification of Multiple Biomarkers in Whole Cancer Genome and Predictive Model for Cancer Prognosis Balaji S
35. Heart Pulse Detection and Analysis using IOT Uma Ullas Pradhan Deepak V. Ingale
36. Development of Mobile Based Objective Type Test Delivery and Analysis Platform Balaji S
37. PanchNidaan – A Software Tool for Traditional Patient Diagnosis Using Tongue, Lips, Eyes, Nails and Pulse Balaji S
38. Experimental Investigation on Strength Properties of Concrete using partial replacement of Foundry  Sand as Fine Aggregate Chandre Gowda
39. Big Data Analytics Platform for Healthcare Balaji S
40. Development of a Microbial Fuel Cell K G Lakshminarayana Bhatta
41. Development of Low Cost 3D Printers Raghavendra K
42. Development of solid adsorbents for gas separation and energy storage. K G Lakshminarayana Bhatta
43. Production of biofuels and Compatibility of fuelling infrastructure materials with different biofuels and blends with fossil fuels. Meenakshi H N
44. Purification and characterization of active plant secondary metabolites having therapeutic applications. Nagananda G S
45. In vitro Propogation and Conservation of Medicinally Important Orchids of Western Ghats Sandeep Suryan
46. Augmenting confidentiality, authentication and integrity for medical images using cryptographic algorithms Harshvardhan Tiwari
47. Oxidation Stability of Chemically Modified Vegetable Oils Jagadeesh Kumar M
48. Acceleration of big data analytics on heterogeneous cluster D Parameshwar Rao
49. Whole cell modelling and accelerated simulation on heterogeneous parallel platform Nayana Bhatt
50. Ionizing radiations for improving the shelf life of fruits by delayed ripening Chandan Kumar Sahu
51. Development of nanobiosensors/MEMS for the detection of food adulterants or contaminants Ravi Kumar Kadeppagari
52. Sensory evaluation of formulated drinks and processed foods by new approaches Chandan Kumar Sahu
53. Formulation of energy drinks and other food products for value addition Chandan Kumar Sahu
54. Development of infrared assisted vacuum impregnation system for the fortification of vegetable products with micronutrients Soumitra Banerjee
55. Utilization of underutilized legume, horse gram (Macrotyloma uniflorum) for protein Soumitra Banerjee
56. Recovery of high value products from the low value byproducts Ravi Kumar Kadeppagari
57. Remediation of hazardous dyes by integrating biotechnological methods with radiations Ravi Kumar Kadeppagari
58. Improving the functionalities of food or health related metabolites by using nano approaches Ravi Kumar Kadeppagari
59. Nano CLEAs (cross linked enzyme aggregates) for therapeutic applications Ravi Kumar Kadeppagari
60. Development of nanobiosensors for the detection of health related metabolites or agents Ravi Kumar Kadeppagari
61. Lipase inhibitors and their applications in food and health sectors Ravi Kumar Kadeppagari
62. Solid state fermentation for the production of novel metabolites from fungi Ravi Kumar Kadeppagari
63. Heat transfer characterization of Multi Turn Pulsating Heat Pipe M Narendra Kumar