1.     Drone Aerospace Systems Pvt. Ltd.  – Pioneering Drone Technology

2.     Bauplechain Technologies Pvt. Ltd. – Redefining Block Chain Technology

3.     Agringenium Innovations Pvt. Ltd.  – Waste to Wealth Creators

4.     Nuvohelix Bioinnovations  Pvt. Ltd. – Fostering Organic Solutions

5.     Nutriarc Pvt. Ltd. – Nutrition for All 

6.     Green LAW –  Embracing a Changing World 

7.     Damson 4P Solutions- Affordable Solutions for Humankind

8.     Nanosentrix- Making Innovations Affordable

9.     Aqua Jyothy- Sea Water to Sky Water Feel the Purity

10.  Unique Food Enterprises- Save Food Save Life

11.  Nutrinventz- Reinventing Nutrition