In line with its mission to develop new technology and support incubation and innovation in emerging areas, the Centre has helped incubate several companies working in thrust areas identified for growth, with the potential to scale up their product offering and market share, leading the way to better employment opportunities while also contributing to the country’s economy.

  1. Drone Aerospace Systems Pvt. Ltd.  – Pioneering Drone Technology
  2. Bauplechain Technologies Pvt. Ltd. – Redefining Block Chain Technology
  3. Agringenium Innovations Pvt. Ltd.  – Waste to Wealth Creators
  4. Nuvohelix Bioinnovations  Pvt. Ltd. – Fostering Organic Solutions
  5. Nutriarc Pvt. Ltd. – Nutrition for All
  6. Damson 4P Solutions- Affordable Solutions for Humankind
  7. Nanosentrix- Making Innovations Affordable
  8. Aqua Jyothy- Sea Water to Sky Water Feel the Purity
  9. Unique Food Enterprises- Save Food Save Life
  10. Nutrinventz- Reinventing Nutrition