One-day to three-day workshops are regularly conducted at the Centre in most of the labs, in keeping with its philosophy of sharing knowledge with newly established industries and the student community. The workshops are tailored to meet the specific requirements of participants and are generously interspersed with abundant hands-on training and ample case studies to enhance participants’ knowledge base.

The year-wise Workshops condicted by the Centre are highlighted below:


  • Introduction to CAE 22-May-21 to 22-May-21
  • Internet Of Things 18-Jun-21 to 27-Jun-21
  • Introduction to the Cultutre of Innovation 19-Jul-21 to 19-Jul-21
  • Market Fit – MVP 3-Aug-21 to 3-Aug-21
  • Prototype Validation, Converting prototype into Start Up 14-Dec-21 to 14-Dec-21
  • Entreprenuership Simulation Program 20-Dec-21 to 20-Dec-21


  • Alternative Marketing Systems for Farmers 16-Apr-20 to 16-Apr-20
  • Intellectual Proprty Right 13-Jun-20 to 13-Jun-20
  • Boost your Degigital Marketing Skills by Designing an attractive website usine Django 28-Jul-20 to  28-Jul-20
  • Senstisizing to the Techniques of Innovation 30-Jul-20 to 30-Jul-20
  • Senstisizing to the Techniques of Innovation 12-Nov-20 to  13-Nov-20
  • Entreprenuership In Residence 12-Oct-20 to 13-Dec-20
  • Food Processing  12-Feb-21 to 1-Mar-21
  • Workshop on Fluorescence Microscopy and its applications in Biology 23-Mar-21 to 23-Mar-20
  • Food Processing  21-Jan-20 to 25-Jan-20
  • B-Plan workshop 9-Mar-20 to 9-Mar-20


  • Digital Marketing 24-May-19 to 24-May-19
  • Handson workshop on Microscopy and Nano technology 12-Jun-19 to 12-Jun-19
  • FDP- Internet of Things  18-Jul-19 to 19-Jul-19
  • SIP- Bootcamp 26-Aug-19  to 30-Aug-19
  • Wokshop on Innovation, Creativity  and Entreprenuership  10-Oct-19 to 12-Oct-19
  • Workshop on Ideation and Lateral Thinking 14-Nov-19 to 14-Nov-19
  • Entrepreneurship Awareness Camp  29-Oct-18 to 31-Oct-18
  • Entrepreneurship Awareness Camp   2-Nov-18 to  4-Nov-18
  • Entrepreneurship Awareness Camp  15-Nov-18 to 17-Nov-18
  • Entrepreneurship Awareness Camp- 27th February 2017 to 1st March 2017
  • Entrepreneurship Awareness Camp- 6th March 2017  to  8th March 2017
  • Faculty Development Program in Entrepreneurship- 17th July 2017 to 29th July 2017
  • Entrepreneurship Awareness Camp- 28th August 2017 to 30th August 2017
  • Entrepreneurship Awareness Camp- 6th September 2017 to 8th September 2017
  • Entrepreneurship Awareness Camp-11th September 2017 to 13th September 2017
  • Entrepreneurship Awareness Camp-21st September 2017 to 23rd September 2017
  • Entrepreneurship Awareness Camp-26th September 2017 to 28th September 2017