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The “Centre for Incubation, Innovation, Research and Consultancy (CIIRC®), is a joint initiative between Sri Sringeri Sharada Peetham, Sringeri and Jyothy Institute of Technology (JIT), Bengaluru. CIIRC®  has emerged with a promise of ushering a new philosophy by bringing for the first time on the same platform the diverse components of science, engineering, business orientation and skill development with emphasis on innovation, incubation and research leading to successful entrepreneurship. The understanding of all these three aspects thus forms the core of academic &research erudition at CIIRC, JIT and market research alongside business planning forms the basis of the enterprise component. The essential outcome of any academic pursuit apart from imparting knowledge should be to enable the students to become readily employable or create their own industry, firms or enterprises. Hence an IEDC centre has been established to nurture and hone the skills of the budding entrepreneurs. CIIRC being a multidisciplinary research centre aims to bring together complementary streams of activities for the benefit of society.

The domains envisaged at CIIRC are Water, Health, Energy, Environment, Agriculture, Food, and Homeland Security addressing societal and environmental needs. Towards this, a platonic relationship is being built up with a number of companies and institutions within the country and outside India.

To support the same research labs have been established in the vistas of :

Sophisticated Instrument Facility Food Technology
Affordable Medical Devices & Sensors Nanobiotechnology
Ancient Indian Sciences Nanoscience & Engineering
Autonomous Systems Plant & Microbial Technology
Biocomposites & Biopolymers Remote Sensing & VLSI
Cell and Molecular Biology Surfaces & Interfaces
Computational Engineering Thermal Engineering
Energy Tribology
Environment Water

The Centre is equipped with sophisticated instruments such as SEM, XRD, HPLC, DSC, TGA, FT-IR, Lyophiliser, GC, Electrochemical Workstations, PCR, BSC–L2, ELISA and others.

A qualified group of 70 faculty-researchers consisting of 35 doctorates and 25 Master’s from premier institutes has been set up to support the centre considering that the coming decade shall be driven by knowledge based economies. Research at CIIRC is wide ranging with a blend of scientists and engineers contributing towards the development of novel technologies that are efficient, innovative and sustainable for civil, military and societal applications. Faculty-Researchers at CIIRC have the experience of successfully executing several funded projects in the past espoused by leading agencies like DST, MNRE, DOS, DAE, AR & DB, NRB, DRDO, PSU, KSCST, Vision Group on Science and Technology (VGST)-GOK and others supported by numerous patent filings.

Currently there are ongoing projects funded by DST, DRDO, DOS, UGC-DAE, DBT, DIC and BIRAC and a few more in the pipeline are being positively considered for funding. The Faculty-Researchers have collaborations and ties with Institutions and Organizations at the Individual and Institutional level both within and outside the country. Identifying the capability of CIIRC, ISRO has set up the IRNSS Satellite Receiving Station at the campus. The members at the centre have been globally recognized with several laurels such as Commonwealth, Hungarian, DBT, Ramalingaswamy Fellowship, Honeywell Silver Plaque, Most Innovative Enterprise, etc. Having said these aspects, it is clearly evident that the centre is reaching a tall order in R&D and aims to capture the attention of the community through its strategically innovative and technically sound products that have wide relevance to the humankind. CIIRC faculty have 500 plus Scopus/Thomson Reuters indexed publications to their credit with an average impact factor of 2, citation index of close to 5000, average h-index of 5, numerous books and book chapters by major publishing houses alongside a multitude of products to their credit.