Divakara M. B



Divakara M. B. is a Postgraduate in Chemistry from Bangalore University. Soon after his M.Sc. he joined Wexford Laboratories Pvt. Ltd. as a Quality Control Officer and gained experience in analyzing organic samples using HPLC. He was awarded the Aquitaine – Karnataka (Indo-French) Short Term Research Fellowship to carry out a part of his research work at IECB, CNRS, Bordeaux, France where he studied the interactions of peptide-membrane systems using Solid-State NMR Spectroscopy. He also has the experience in formulation, synthesis, purification and testing of various Organic Compounds and is capable of handling some of the state of the art instruments such as SEM, XRD, UV, FTIR, GC and others. He was awarded the BIRAC GYTI – SRISTI Award of Appreciation 2017 for the “Development of a Rapid First Aid Solution using a Novel Haemostatic Material”. He is currently working on a DST funded project as a researcher and also pursuing his doctoral degree at the Centre.

Email Id: divakar@ ciirc.jyothyit.ac.in